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Crossing boundaries to advocate for the well-being of all

Global Public Health crosses physical and academic boundaries to explore the connections between health, culture, economic development, and environmental sustainability around the world while advocating for the wellbeing of all communities.

Students gain an understanding of the conceptual and practical foundations of community health, explore global public health challenges, and consider ways to improve population health in diverse contexts. As careers in global public health experience tremendous growth, interdisciplinary training and collaboration in these areas is more important than ever.

Global Public Health offers students interested in allied medical fields, public and community health, and the social sciences opportunities to explore the linkages between their primary field of study and global health.


Active Learning

Students interact with leading experts in the field of public health and attend field trips to agencies involved in global health, such as the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

Students directly engage with public health organizations and community-based health agencies through internships, research or service-learning. Many students are also active in the associated student group, Public Health Without Borders.

Colloquium and Lecture Topics

  • Contemporary issues and opportunities in global health
  • High impact global health programs
  • Global health through the lens of local action and citizenry
  • Maternal, Child and Family Health in Global Contexts
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Ethics, Economics, and Human Rights
  • Global Health “players” (e.g., multilateral and bilateral aid organizations, private foundations, national governments, UN agencies)
  • International Diplomacy and Health

Curriculum Overview

The following table represents a typical four-year curriculum, but individual schedules may vary. Details about courses and requirements can be found on the Global Public Health Citation Checklist.

View, print or download Global Public Health Citation Checklist

Freshman Fall   Freshman Spring  
Course Credits Course Credits
Scholars Colloquium 1 Scholars Colloquium 1
Families and Global Health 3 4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15
3-4 Courses toward degree and major requirements 9-12    
Sophomore Fall   Sophomore Spring  
Course Credits Course Credits
Scholars Colloquium 1 Scholars Practicum 1-3
4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15 4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15