Scholars Curriculum

The Scholars curriculum leads students through a series of weekly seminars and culminates in a sophomore project. Along the way, students connect their Scholars theme with the rest of their university courses.

The Scholars curriculum introduces first- and second-year students to meaningful undergraduate learning. Students who successfully complete the program also earn recognition of their work on their transcript, with a College Park Scholars Citation.

The Colloquium

The colloquium anchors the Scholars experience. During this weekly session, led by Scholars faculty, students participate in active discussion of the program’s interdisciplinary theme. They learn new perspectives and begin drawing connections between their coursework and the world at large.

The Practicum 

This sophomore project is a signature of Scholars. Students propose and complete a hands-on capstone, which can be a research project, an internship, a service-learning project, or a travel-study experience. The practicum provides students an early opportunity to practice what they’re learning.

Supporting Courses

A selection of supporting courses complements what students learn through their colloquium and practicum. Many of these courses are taught by Scholars faculty. Those offered by other university faculty similarly help students see deep connections between the Scholars program and a range of academic fields.