Scholars Curriculum

The Scholars curriculum leads students through a series of weekly seminars and culminates in a sophomore project. Along the way, students connect their Scholars theme with the rest of their university courses.

The Scholars curriculum introduces first- and second-year students to meaningful undergraduate learning. Upon successful completion of the program, the College Park Scholars Citation is added to the student’s transcript.

The Colloquium

Each program’s weekly course—we call that the “colloquium” because it’s the 75 or 90 minutes a week to participate in active discussion of the program’s interdisciplinary theme—anchors the Scholars experience with engaging and lively conversation, led by Scholars faculty.

The Practicum 

The sophomore project—that’s the “practicum” because students complete their two-year study with a hands-on capstone—is a signature of Scholars. Students propose and complete a research project, an internship, a service-learning project, or a travel-study experience. The practicum illuminates the complexity of significant questions and the promise of our responses to them. Scholars enjoy the advantage of an early opportunity to practice what they’re learning, building networks and foundations for advanced work during the junior and senior years and beyond!

Supporting Courses

The colloquium and practicum are complemented by “supporting courses.” Many are taught by Scholars faculty, while those offered by other university faculty help students see deep connections between the Scholars program and all sorts of academic fields.