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Peer mentors with students on Service Day

Peer Mentors

Starting college can be overwhelming—particularly at a large institution such as the University of Maryland. Scholars' Peer Mentors program works to make the transition to college easier for all of our freshmen, by pairing them with an experienced sophomore Scholar who can show them the ropes. 

As a peer mentor, you will serve as a resource for first-year Scholars as they navigate through the academic challenges associated with the college experience. Peer mentors check in with their mentees throughout the academic year, provide information about academics and involvement opportunities, and direct them to resources and student support services on campus. 


Every Scholars program has 5–10 peer mentors—about one sophomore peer mentor for every 8–12 freshmen.

In addition, every Scholars program is led by a peer mentor captain. Peer mentor captains guide and motivate the mentors within their respective programs.


  • Participate in peer mentor training and other mentor development opportunities.
  • Correspond with mentees during the summer to welcome them to UMD and Scholars.
  • Participate in opening semester activities and serve as a team leader on Service Day.
  • Promote responsible decision-making for their mentees.
  • Attend periodic meetings with fellow program mentors and their peer mentor captain.
  • Foster positive relationships with their mentees by assisting in the planning and promoting of peer mentors initiatives and events.

How to Get Involved

First-year Scholars students can apply to be a peer mentor or peer mentor captain for the following academic year. Applications open each spring, and you can apply for either a peer mentor or a peer mentor captain position. 

For captain applicants: If you are not selected as a captain, you will automatically be considered for a peer mentor position.

Applications for 2023–2024

Applications to be a peer mentor or peer mentor captain for the 2023–2024 academic year are due by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, February 15, 2024. To help you prepare, we invite you to consider the following longer-answer application questions in advance. Answers must be no more than 500 words.

  1. Tell us about yourself and what aspects of being a peer mentor relate specifically to your talents or interests?
  2. Reflect on your time as a first year in Scholars with your peer mentor. How do you plan on ensuring your mentees have a good experience? What new contributions would you make to the peer mentor program?
  3. College Park Scholars is home to a diverse group of students who have multiple identities. Describe a time when you were a part of and/or helped build an inclusive community. How do you hope to create such a community for your peers as a Peer Mentor?

If you decide to apply to be a captain for your program, you will be asked to answer these additional questions:

  1. How do you plan to balance connecting with your own mentees, overseeing the Peer Mentors within your program, and navigating other commitments outside of the Peer Mentor program?
  2. How would you establish a good working relationship with your program faculty and staff? What skills do you possess that you feel are extremely valuable when working with program faculty and staff?

Student Coordinators

The Peer Mentors program is led by a group of peer mentor coordinators, who work directly with the Scholars faculty and staff to ensure the peer mentors and peer mentor captains are appropriately supporting freshmen in each program. 

The peer mentor leadership team can be reached at

Portrait of Frederick Farah

Frederick Farah

Head Student Coordinator (STEM), Science, Technology and Society alum
Portrait of Joshua Starling

Joshua Starling

Head Student Coordinator (Humanities), Justice and Legal Thought alum
Portrait of Ariana Capati

Ariana Capati

Assistant Student Coordinator (STEM), Science, Technology and Society alum
Portrait of Ami Makadia

Ami Makadia

Assistant Student Coordinator (Humanities), Media, Self and Society

For More Information

Portrait of Akhila Vishnubhotla

Akhila Vishnubhotla

Coordinator for Student Engagement, College Park Scholars
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