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Student Communications Committee

Our newest student group, the Student Communications, or Comms, Committee began as a pilot initiative during the 2021–2022 academic year. It has since evolved into a student-led organization that partners with the assistant director for communications to expand the capacity of Scholars’ communications efforts and represent the student perspective on outreach and promotional efforts.

As a member of the Student Comms Committee, you have the opportunity to apply your creative skills to projects that directly engage Scholars’ many audiences—from creating social media content to making short-form videos and more. In the process, you’ll learn communications and project management skills, and more thoroughly understand the nature and purpose of organizational communications.


The Student Comms Committee typically consists of general body members and a core committee. Each semester, the Comms Committee, in consultation with the assistant director for communications, decides on a handful of communications projects it will undertake. Members of the core committee—a group of 3 to 5 students who serve as part of the leadership team—serve as project leads while general body members and program representatives support one or more of those projects.

Program representatives additionally take or obtain photos of program excursions to ensure their Scholars program is aptly represented via College Park Scholars’ central communications vehicles.


  • Support at least one communications project each semester
  • Attend bimonthly general body meetings
  • Take, or line up someone else to take, photos/videos of at least two program events or excursions each semester (program representatives only)
  • Lead or co-lead a communications project each semester (core committee members only)
  • Manages committee communications with program directors (core committee members only)

How to Get Involved

The Student Comms Committee is open to any current Scholar or undergraduate Scholars alum. Prior communications experience and creative skills are helpful, but not necessary. To join the Student Comms Committee, contact

Student Coordinators

The Student Comms Committee leadership team can be reached at

Portrait of Isy Kristick

Isy Kristick

Coordinator, Media, Self and Society alum
Portrait of Daphne Ranti

Daphne Ranti

Coordinator, Science, Technology and Society alum

For More Information

Portrait of Kenisha Rhone

Kenisha Rhone

Assistant Director of Communications, College Park Scholars
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