Medical, Self, and Society
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The impact of media and technology on the world

Media, Self and Society analyzes the role that various forms of media play in family life, politics, the economy and other elements of society, examining the effects of advancements in the industry.

Students discuss and debate media-related topics ranging from the coverage of tragic events to long-term trends such as the impact of technology on the way news and entertainment is consumed. Given the complex and multifaceted nature of our media landscape, students focus on the interaction of the forces of technology, culture, economics and business as they operate in the context of the media. 

MSS welcomes students of all majors and provides learning experiences that will be fundamental to success in all career endeavors.


Active Learning

Students participate in field trips to the Newseum as well as to media outlets such as NBC Studios in New York and SiriusXM and The Washington Post in Washington, D.C. In addition to outside-of-the-classroom experiences, the program brings professionals from various media-related fields such as journalism, advertising, technology and public relations into the classroom, giving students a real-world perspective on working in the media.

The program also encourages students to explore on-campus media outlets. Every year, media students have the opportunity to host sports and music shows on WMUC, the campus radio station, help produce programs for UMTV, the University’s cable channel, write for Unwind, the program’s entertainment and arts magazine, and report for The Diamondback and other campus publications.

Colloquium and Lecture Topics

  • Media Transformation: The Disappearing Newspaper
  • The Psychology of Advertising
  • Media and Violence: The Role of Video Games
  • Technology and the Music Industry

Curriculum Overview

The following table represents a typical schedule, but individual schedules may vary. Details about courses and requirements can be found on the Media, Self and Society Citation Checklist.

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Freshman Fall Freshman Spring
Course Credits Course Credits

Scholars Colloquium

1 Scholars Colloquium 1
4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15 4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15
Sophomore Fall Sophomore Spring
Course Credits Course Credits
Analyzing Media Theory Through Practice 3 Scholars Practicum 1-3
4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 9-12 4-5 Courses toward degree and major requirements 12-15