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  • Why UMD was the College of Choice for These Scholars

    Everyone’s college decision process is different. Here are some examples of Scholars students who chose the University of Maryland (UMD) for distinctly different reasons. Mari Lemmie Hometown: Baltimore, Md. Year: Senior Major: Public policy

  • Scholarly Tradition of Academic Showcase Finds a New Home

    College Park Scholars means two years of learning across disciplines, considering complicated problems and making connections between the classroom and the rest of the world. As a capstone to that experience, we require sophomore Scholars to identify and complete a practicum project. In 2017, a sophomore in our Environment, Technology and Economy program developed a sustainability intervention as part of an internship. A Science, Technology and Society student researched basic income and workforce automation.

  • Education Major Embraces Science in SDU

    This blog post is the first in the "Choosing Scholars" series, which examines various aspects of College Park Scholars. When Erin McCormick was invited to College Park Scholars last year, she knew that she wanted to pick a program that would expand her world view and teach her something different. “I wanted to expose myself to subjects I wasn’t confident in in high school,” McCormick says.

  • The Case for Global Learning, Scholars Style

    Things I did not know in early January:

  • Scholars Partnership on Virus Study Builds Upon Flu Findings

    They say laughter is contagious. And yawns. And, of course, the flu. Most people figure they catch the flu by touching contaminated surfaces or being exposed to droplets from a sick person’s coughs or sneezes. But it turns out the flu may be even more contagious through the air than we had thought.

  • How International Studies Helped This Alumni Lawyer 'Discover the World'

    When Valerie Redmond was studying government and politics at the University of Maryland, law school was always in the back of her mind. An alumna of the International Studies Scholars program, Redmond now works for Price Waterhouse Cooper in New York focusing on consumer compliance.

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