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  • The Case for Global Learning, Scholars Style

    Things I did not know in early January:

  • Scholars Partnership on Virus Study Builds Upon Flu Findings

    They say laughter is contagious. And yawns. And, of course, the flu. Most people figure they catch the flu by touching contaminated surfaces or being exposed to droplets from a sick person’s coughs or sneezes. But it turns out the flu may be even more contagious through the air than we had thought. University of Maryland Professor Don Milton and several other researchers just released new findings that the flu may actually be spread just by breathing. For students of College Park Scholars, the discovery underscores the unique opportunity they have to be involved in groundbreaking public health research.

  • How International Studies Helped This Alumni Lawyer 'Discover the World'

    When Valerie Redmond was studying government and politics at the University of Maryland, law school was always in the back of her mind. An alumna of the International Studies Scholars program, Redmond now works for Price Waterhouse Cooper in New York focusing on consumer compliance. Redmond knew she wanted to work as a lawyer after she took a class on the Supreme Court with Michael Spivey, a professor in the Department of Government and Politics. The class utilized real cases and required students to re-enact the arguments and determine how the case would go, Redmond explained.

  • Science, Technology and Society Alum Transforms Internship Into a Career at DOJ

    After interning with the Department of Justice his junior year, Science, Technology and Society alumnus John Rookard applied for a position with the Justice Department the summer before his senior year. Rookard realized that there were post-grad professional opportunities for him at the Justice Department after speaking with the human resources manager at his internship. He applied for one of these positions August 2016, and received an offer in March of this year.

  • ‘Proud to be a Scholar’: Arts Alum Now Working as Healthcare Lobbyist

    Looking back, Arts Scholars alumna Shannon Gahs says it’s interesting to see how Arts Scholars alumni have used their experience in the program to bridge into different areas. After graduating from the University of Maryland in 2006, Gahs attended the University of Baltimore School of Law. She is now working at Bayada Home Health Care advocating for policies that will benefit nurses and therapists. In August, she was promoted to director of government affairs. “I’m using the organizational and presentation skills [that I developed in Arts] to bring together grassroots support and build coalitions with other groups advocating for our patients and nursing staff,” Gahs said.

  • Scholars Recognized at 2017 University Awards

    Scholars students took home several top awards at the 36th University Student Leadership Awards on Sunday, May 7. University Awards recognized Maryland Medallion Society members and Byrd/Elkins Finalists who have contributed significantly to the general advancement of this university’s interests and displayed outstanding involvement and leadership in campus activities. These students are the university’s top 20 senior students; two Scholars alumni were recognized by the Maryland Medallion Society:

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