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Scholars Kickball

Scholars Kickball is an annual Scholars tradition during which our students gather together with their peers to mark the end of the year and blow off some steam before final exams! Together with Academic Showcase, Scholars Kickball reinforces the key Scholars values of academic enrichment and hands-on learning (Showcase) and community (Kickball). Both current Scholars and undergraduate Scholars alums are invited to participate.

2023 Kickball

We're happy to announce the return of Kickball this year! Media, Self and Society alum Brendan Hartlove ('22) will serve as announcer for the games. Representatives from the Maryland Student Officials Association will serve as umpires.

Date: Saturday, May 6

Time: 10:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Location: University of Maryland Chapel Fields


Field 1 Time Field 2
BSE vs. STS 10:45 a.m. GPH vs. LS
IS vs. JLT 11:15 a.m. PL vs. MSS
SDU vs. SGC 11:45 a.m. Arts vs. ETE
Winners 12:15 p.m. Winners
Lunch + Awarding of "Spirit of Scholars" 12:30 p.m. ---

Team Captains

Each program has up to two team captains. If you'd like to be a team captain for your program, please contact your program director. Please contact your program's team captain to sign up to play.

Kickball Rules

Statement on Sportsmanship

Inappropriate actions or comments directed at players (of any team) or umpires or field marshals will not be tolerated. Each team is responsible for the behavior of its players and spectators, including its faculty and staff. If unacceptable behavior occurs, the offending team will be issued one warning. If inappropriate behavior continues, the team will forfeit the game and be credited with a loss. The umpires and members of Scholars central staff have discretion as to whether behavior is inappropriate or unacceptable.


Each team is guaranteed to play one game against a predetermined rival. Games will last four innings.

At 12:15pm, all participants are welcome to join exhibition games, including faculty vs. students.

Captains, umpires and field marshals meet home plate prior to each game. Captains MUST turn in a completed batting order to the field marshal.

Game Rules

  1. All players must wear athletic shoes or rubber cleats. Metal cleats ARE NOT allowed.
  2. Game times are set. If you do not have a minimum of 6 players at time, your team forfeits.
  3. 3 strikes = out; 4 balls = walk; 4 foul balls = out; fair ball = result of play.
  4. Defensive changes are unlimited provided that the game is not delayed.
  5. Players may take a lead once the pitch is in the air. NO STEALING!
  6. Bunting is NOT allowed (defined as the ball kicked into play and not reaching the “line” between third base, the pitching mound and first base). Teams agree it is up to umpire’s discretion what defines a bunt.
  7. Each team may score up to five runs per inning. Once five runs have been scored, the first half of the inning is over. There is no run cap in the final inning of the game. If any team has a ten run lead at any point, the game will be called.
  8. Games will last four innings. In the event of the game being tied after four innings, the game will be deemed a tie.
  9. “Happy Gilmore” kicks, or kicks in which a batter takes a running start to the ball are not allowed and will result in an automatic out.
  10. The strike zone is defined as: one foot on left side and one foot on right side and one foot above home plate.
  11. Runners who are hit with the ball as they are running between bases are out. Fielders may NOT hit runners above the shoulders; in these cases, runners will be called safe.
  12. Runners may not slide legs up or with the intent to take out the defender. Interference will be called and the runner will be out. Headfirst slides will also be out.
  13. Borrowing players: If a team, after using all other means mentioned to obtain players, is unable to get a minimum to participate, the coordinators will assign players to that team from a pool of eligible extras. These players will play for that team for the remainder of the opening rounds.
  14. Overthrows will be granted one base.
  15. The infield fly rule will be enforced.

Team Eligibility and Lineups

A total of 10 players are active on a team at a given time on defense.

On offense: Continuous lineup

On defense: Pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, third base, and up to four outfielders

Your team must play as many people on the field as possible up to ten. Everyone must be included. If your team has more than ten people who wish to play, everyone must be given an opportunity to do so.

Alumni and faculty from your program may play in the tournament. Additionally, RAs may play for the team their residents are playing for. Teams may allow non-scholars residents of their Cambridge Community hall program-designated floors to play with them. This is at the discretion of each team’s faculty.

If a player in a Scholars program wishes to play for another team, they may be allowed to do so at the coordinator’s discretion, provided that advance notice is given. In the event that a Cambridge Community resident is not on a Scholars program designated floor, they may still play in the tournament and will be assigned to a team at the coordinator’s discretion.

You may substitute as many players as you like, but once a player leaves a game, they are unavailable for the remainder of that game only.

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