As a Lakeland STARs tutor, you will work with 1st - 6th grade students from nearby Paint Branch Elementary School to enrich their academic experience. You will be matched one-on-one with a PBES student and meet each week on a designated day throughout the semester.

Lakeland STARs has been part of the Scholars experience since February 1996, and tutoring with the Lakeland STARs program is a rewarding way for to give back to the College Park community.

Apply to be a Lakeland STARs Tutor

What are the expectations of a Lakeland STARs Tutor?

Tutors meet in the South lobby of Centreville Hall at 3:30 p.m. and prepare for the session. Once the children arrive, you will work with them on homework for about 1 hour and then do an enrichment activity for about 1 hour. Children leave campus by 5:45 p.m.

You should be prepared to commit the full 2.5 hours to STARs every week. There are 10-12 sessions of STARs each semester. Download the full calendar. 

How is Lakeland STARs coordinated?

The program is coordinated through a partnership between the City of College Park Youth, Family, & Senior Services, Paint Branch Elementary School and the College Park Scholars program. 

The City of College Park Youth, Family & Senior Services coordinates children's applications, funds the program and provides administrative support and transportation. Paint Branch Elementary identifies a Teacher Liaison for the program and teachers provide suggestions to the tutors for best practices in working with children.  The College Park Scholars program recruits tutors, coordinates the day-to-day logistics of the program and provides facilities in which the tutoring and enrichment activities occur.

Contact a Lakeland STARs Program Representative

College Park Scholars
Jeany Cadet: 301-314-1522

Paint Branch Elementary School
Melissa Cunningham: 301-943-9884

City of College Park
Peggy Higgins: 240-487-3550