Self-Nomination in College Park Scholars

Admission to College Park Scholars is by invitation. We review applications to the University of Maryland with a broad set of criteria that can be organized into three main areas: academic ability, potential for contributing to our living-learning community, and the potential for enhancing or encouraging discussions inside and outside the classroom.

Should space be available in our programs, we will examine your Scholars Self-Nomination Form (including your application essay) along with your University of Maryland application on file with the Office for Undergraduate Admissions.

Notification about Self-Nomination

We cannot guarantee that you will be notified about the decision regarding your self-nomination before May 1. We will contact you through the email address the university has on file. Please make sure this email address is up to date.

Orientation and Housing

Regardless of the status of your self-nomination, you should submit your housing application prior to the May 1 deadline and register for an Orientation program. If we are able to place you in Scholars, we will work with you and the Department of Resident Life to update your housing assignment.

Self-Nomination Form