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Five Scholars Community Members Named Provost's Do Good Innovator Award Recipients

In partnership with the Office of the Provost, the Innovator Awards highlight the incredible members of our campus community who create, nurture, expand and amplify social impact throughout education, programs and research, both inside and outside the classroom. These dedicated Terps were nominated by their colleagues who recognized the broad and meaningful impact they create. Over the past academic year, members from the Do Good Campus Strategic Leadership Council reviewed nominations and selected their awardees, with some units opting to fund additional awards. 

Congratulations to:

Alison invented and implemented a highly innovative, community-based research and service project to promote news and media literacy. Students in Alison’s class worked in groups to develop high-quality, interactive media and news literacy exhibits. Alison then took them to community events and invited people to learn how to navigate the current media landscape.  

Dr. DeCamillis and Dr. Kilmer are key members of a larger team of professionals and students in the College Park Scholars community who collectively created a supportive community for Afghan refugee families who live on our near campus. Although this has been only one part of their complex, student-facing jobs in sister Living and Learning Programs, their commitment to social justice, and their innovative and impactful approach to student engagement and community activism have been outstanding. 

Andy is a tireless advocate for the value of experiential learning. He is developing INFO's College Park Scholars program with a focus on building local community partnerships so that first and second year students can practice a community-oriented approach that will benefit the rest of their lives and careers.

Dr. Tomblin's service learning course, "Infrastructure and Society," is a pioneering endeavor designed to address the root causes of America’s infrastructure crisis and to underscore infrastructure’s significance in a functioning society. This course provides students with a unique opportunity to delve into the emerging social, political, legal, cultural and social justice issues surrounding infrastructure, learning from professional engineers responsible for infrastructure matters.

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