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10 Scholars Alums to Serve as Spring Commencement Senior Marshals

A significant number of Scholars alumni will be serving as Senior Marshals at the University of Maryland commencement this Friday, May 21, 2021. Senior Marshals are graduating seniors who display the highest levels of scholarship, service, extracurricular activity and personal growth.

  • Jordyn Battle, Justice and Legal Thought
  • Megan Berry, Public Leadership
  • Alysa Conway, Media, Self and Society
  • Chloe Dinman, Public Leadership
  • Yael Hamburger, Global Public Health
  • Sarah Kirby, Science, Technology and Society
  • Alexandra Marquez, Media, Self and Society
  • Peter Marston, Life Sciences
  • Amy Rose Petrocelli, Public Leadership
  • Balbina Yang, Arts
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