What is Scholars?

College Park Scholars is a nationally acclaimed living-learning program that offers outstanding students the best elements of a small residential college and a large public research institution.

We offer 12 thematic programs for freshmen and sophomores that allow students to consider challenging questions and explore complex issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Each of our two-year programs provides a close-knit community and a challenging academic experience. Scholars also connects students with exciting research and internship opportunities—one-of-a-kind experiences available only at a major university located right outside the nation’s capital. We propel students to excel on campus, in the community, and in their careers.

Everything we do in Scholars is animated by our commitment to a core idea: We learn better when we learn together.

How exactly do those learning opportunities come about?

Interdisciplinary study. Research universities emphasize analytical learning. College Park Scholars deepens that learning with an interdisciplinary framework for analysis. In colloquia and in a portion of their general education coursework, our students examine contemporary problems by thinking across disciplinary boundaries and drawing upon a variety of fields and perspectives.

Practical, hands-on experiences. Through simulations, fieldwork, group projects, and presentations, students develop skills in teamwork, problem solving, and communication. The required practicum gives students the opportunity to apply those skills in internship, research, or service settings, locally or globally.

Community engagement. Living and learning alongside other academically talented and curious students, Scholars students enjoy substantive, shared experiences with faculty and peers. They make lasting connections—not only with the material they cover in the classroom, but also with one another.