Admission to College Park Scholars is by invitation. Scholars students are academically talented, curious, and engaged in the world around them.

We review applications to the University of Maryland with a broad set of criteria. These can be organized into three main areas:

  • Academic ability
  • Potential to contribute to our living-learning community
  • Potential to enhance or encourage discussions inside and outside the classroom

Invitations to College Park Scholars are included with students’ acceptance letter to the University of Maryland.

Invited students: Complete the Program Preference Form 

To accept your invitation to College Park Scholars and be placed in a Scholars program, you will need to complete and submit the Program Preference Form by 5 p.m. EST on Monday, Feb. 17, 2020. Log on to, proceed to the University of Maryland section on the Colleges list, and select Checklist. Once on your Checklist, select the College Park Scholars Program Preference Form, complete, and submit.

Completing the Program Preference Form does not commit you to the University of Maryland. It simply reserves your spot in Scholars should you decide to enroll in the University of Maryland.

Get more information for Invited Students here.


Missed the deadline? If you were invited to Scholars but did not complete the Program Preference Form by the deadline, you may request to be placed on the waitlist. Find out more about the waitlist here.


Our invitation process is not perfect! If you were not invited to Scholars but would like to be reconsidered, you may nominate yourself. Find out more about self-nomination here.

Change Scholars Programs

If you have been placed into a Scholars program and wish to be assigned to a different one, you may make a request to change programs. Find out more about changing programs here.