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2023–2024 Programs

Each of our College Park Scholars programs has a distinct thematic focus. Under the guidance of dedicated faculty, students study a variety of contemporary and historical issues related to that theme.

On average, about 75 students enroll in each Scholars program every year.

arts icon

Creative practice as personal expression and social commentary

bse icon

Business, Society and the Economy

Developing students’ entrepreneurial mindset

ete icon

Environment, Technology
and Economy

Sustainability through the
lenses of technology and economy

gph icon  

Global Public Health

Crossing boundaries
to advocate for the well-being of all

is icon

International Studies

Investing in global citizenship
for a more just world

jlt icon

Justice and Legal Thought

Analyzing the role of law to advance social justice

ls icon

Life Sciences

Exploring the entirety of the natural world, from tiny microbes to complex ecosystems

media icon

Media, Self and Society

The impact of media and
technology on the world

pl icon  

Public Leadership

Examining today's events to
develop tomorrow's leaders

sgc icon  

Science and Global Change

The impacts of global climate change on society, technology and security

sts icon  

Science, Technology
and Society

The socially responsible application of
science and technology

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