As a Scholars Ambassador, you will help recruit prospective students to the program, assist the Scholars central staff at a variety of special events and projects, continually help to improve the program by offering informal feedback on a variety of issues, and work toward building a stronger community across all the Scholars programs.

What is the role of a Scholars Ambassador?

  • Share your Scholars experience with prospective Scholars students and families during recruitment events and scheduled visits
  • Support Scholars central staff by offering ideas and feedback about Scholars initiatives

What are the expectations of a Scholars Ambassador?

  • Assist with Scholars recruitment and special events
  • Attend Ambassadors meetings regularly, as your schedule allows; meeting schedules vary depending on time of semester
  • Discuss current issues related to the Scholars community during meetings

Earn “Ambassador Points” with the following system

  • Volunteer to Show a Room: 1 Ambassador Point
  • Attend Ambassador Meetings: 3 Ambassador Points
  • Host Students Overnight: 3 Ambassador Points
  • Show Room: 7 Ambassador Points
  • Contribute a picture to the slide show/brochure: 7 Ambassador Points
  • Serve on a Student Panel: 7 Ambassador Points      
  • Help at Special Event: 7 Ambassador Points
  • Serve as Service Day Logistics Assistant: 10 Ambassador Points
  • Participate in Online Chat: 10 Ambassador Points
  • Serve as Service Day Student Leader: 25 Ambassador Points

Join Scholars Ambassadors

Contact Moya Malcolm at 301-314-2777 or