Our annual charity kickball tournament, celebrating more than 20 years, raises thousands of dollars for charities in our community and serves as the culmination of the race for the Scholars Cup.

Each Scholars program selects a local or regional charity to represent during the tournament. They raise funds on behalf of their selected charity throughout the year, earning Scholars Cup points along the way.

22nd Annual College Park Scholars Charity Kickball Tournament

Due to COVID-19, the Scholars Cup charity kickball tournament originally scheduled for May 2, 2020, has been canceled.

Charity Kickball Tournament Rules
In order qualify for the tournament, each program contributes a minimum of $1.00 per Scholar in the program to the tournament pool.

After tournament play, the top four winners split the pool of money fundraised during the year and donate it to their designated charities. Students are responsible for raising all of the money that is donated to the charities of the winning teams.

For more information about Kickball, please contact
Ben Parks at 301-314-0176 or bparks@umd.edu