College Park Scholars was born out of a revolutionary concept: Enhance the education of University of Maryland students by creating a learning community where students both take classes and live together in the same residence halls. The program would help students make meaningful connections between disciplines, as well as with one another and their faculty.

In fall 1994, the first class of Scholars students arrived in College Park to give life to that idea.

In fall 2019, College Park Scholars marks 25 years of successfully cultivating the undergraduate experience of its first- and second-year students.

We celebrate this milestone with #ScholarsAt25, a year-long recognition of the connections, care and discovery that have become the hallmarks of College Park Scholars.

Evolved, but values remain

During the past 25 years, Scholars has grown from four academic programs to 12. We have continued long-standing traditions such as Service Day and Academic Showcase, even as we have initiated new ones such as Playfair. We’ve encouraged new student initiatives—such as Real Talk, peer mentors, and Scholars Promoting and Revitalizing Care (or SPARC)—while evolving our previous student initiatives, such as the Scholars Cup charity kickball (originally softball!) tournament.

Even as we’ve grown and evolved, though, our values have remained unchanged: We prize the diversity of our students, their experiences and their perspectives. We strive to learn across difference. We ensure a space for all.

Celebrate with us

#ScholarsAt25 will offer an array of events that underscore these varied aspects of Scholars’ personality and history. Through special lectures and excursions, retro movie screenings, social gatherings and other special anniversary touches, we’ll do what Scholars does best: nurture the whole person—the heart as well as the head—and build connections between people.

For the past 25 years, our community has supported and celebrated the growth and achievements of more than 16,000 Scholars students who have lived and learned in the Cambridge Community. As we look with excitement toward our next 25 years, we invite our students, our alumni and the entire University of Maryland community to join us in recognizing the past 25, with #ScholarsAt25.

We’ve learned together for 25 years. Now, let’s celebrate together!



What’s the Scoop? Thanks for your vote!

Scholars is working with the University of Maryland Dairy to create a special 25th Anniversary Scholars ice cream! Now that voting is over, we’ll be unveiling the winning flavor on Wednesday, Sept. 25.

Students will get to try out the new flavor on Friday, Oct. 25 (time and location TBA).

Alumni, we’re sorry that you’ll have to wait a little while… but you will get your own chance to sample the Scholars ice cream! We’ll be offering tastings on Maryland Day 2020!