Shower Power Issue Empowers Scholars

In the Environment, Technology and Economy (ETE) Scholars program, the second-semester colloquium is largely devoted to the “Connections” Project. Teams of four to six students propose an idea to enhance sustainability on campus or in the community. They research an idea, propose how best to achieve it and implement one aspect of the proposal by the end of the semester.

University of Maryland and University of Cuenca students

After taking part in a short-term study abroad course that introduced her to students from Ecuador's University of Cuenca, Vera Yevsukov (middle row, second from left) jumped at the chance to take Scholars' first-ever global classroom course between University of Maryland and University of Cuenca.

A Cross-Cultural Venture into Science, Technology and Society

My first experience with Ecuador was in the winter of 2017.

Making a Big School Feel Smaller

When students arrive at the University of Maryland (UMD), many feel overwhelmed by the enormity of the campus and its population. That’s why College Park Scholars works so hard to make a big school feel smaller. We do this by hosting events, encouraging discussions and connecting students with faculty and staff from day one—in other words, by building community.