Emily Tuttle

Emily Tuttle at the Howth shore in Dublin, Ireland during her creative writing immersion program, an experience made possible the by Berlin scholarship.

Berlin Scholarship Sends Scholar to Ireland for Creative Writing Immersion

As a former Arts Scholars and past winner of the Martha and Ira Berlin Legacy Fund Scholarship, senior Emily Tuttle’s Scholars experience is even more meaningful since her scholarship win.

Earning the scholarship provided Tuttle with the opportunity to study abroad in Ireland in a creative writing immersion class through the Department of Arts and Humanities.


Me Too Monologues began at Duke University in 2009. Photo courtesy of MeTooMonologues.com

Me Too Monologues Make Debut With College Park Scholars

On March 31, the Cambridge Community will host the first-ever Me Too Monologues on the College Park campus.

Me Too Monologues is a documentary theater performance about identity and all the issues that surround it. Students and faculty have been asked to anonymously submit stories about their experiences, and peers will perform their stories as monologues in a theatrical production. This is a national production that has been performed at colleges all over the country.

Students Host First ScholarsNEXT

On Feb. 19, a group of seven College Park Scholars presented in the Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center for the first-ever ScholarsNEXT event.

ScholarsNEXT is a student-run event that provides students with an opportunity to share their ideas about solving real-world problems. Presenters had to register for a class, which met every other week for an hour. Sponsored by the UMD SGA and the Office of Undergraduate Studies, Ananth Srivatsan was able to make his dream a reality in founding this event.