Andy Shallal and Psche Williams-Forson on stage

Andy Shallal (left), the owner of Busboys and Poets and an Iraqi-American, spoke with University of Maryland American Studies Professor Psyche Williams-Forson on the power of food in bringing people together. Food has been a recurring theme in many migration tales.

Food Can Bring People Together, No Matter Your Culture, Says Busboys and Poets Owner

College Park Scholars kicked off the spring semester with a February dialogue event for students to share their own personal stories around our annual theme, “Migrations.” Many of the participants, as first- or second-generation Americans, spoke of their connections to their parents’ or grandparents’ cultures through food. They also referenced the emotional impacts their families’ respective migration stories had on their own lives.

What Scholars Faculty & Staff Did on Their Spring Break

At the start of the 2018–2019 academic year, we ran a story on some of the interesting things Scholars students and alumni did during their summer break. But students aren’t the only ones in Scholars who pursue other adventures when class isn’t in session. We caught up with some of our Scholars faculty and staff to see how they spent the most recent winter and spring breaks.


Move-in day

Because students experienced a migration of their own when they started college, Life Sciences Director Beth Parent provided some information to first-year students on the body's reactions to things such as sleep and stress.

3 Theme Questions With... Beth Parent

Throughout the year, our Scholars faculty and staff across programs will share their responses to three questions around our 2018–19 annual theme, "Migrations: Populations and Practices on the Move." The questions typically relate to a resource directors are using in class. Following is another entry in our “3 Questions With…” series.