Hornbake Event

Scholars Promoting and Revitalizing Care (SPARC) campaigned in Hornbake Plaza to kick off its #30DaysTooLate movement in February 2018. This event started the organization’s two-month campaign highlighting the issue of mental health on the University of Maryland campus. PHOTO: Brent Hernandez

How This Life Sciences Scholar Taught the UMD Community About Self Care

When Anthony Sartori was a freshman at the University of Maryland (UMD), he recognized the need for a community-wide revitalization of care—something that would connect students with themselves and with others.

“I came to college lacking self-care strategies,” Sartori says. “No one taught me how to properly take care of myself or what I need to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed.”

Sigma Circle of ODK 2018 inductees

College Park Scholars Executive Director Marilee Lindemann (second row, far left) has a leadership philosophy that offers students a method by which to advocate for change.

Notes on Badass Incrementalism

Last month, College Park Scholars Executive Director Marilee Lindemann was inducted into the Sigma Circle of ODK. She was asked to speak on her leadership philosophy at the induction ceremony. The following is an edited version of her remarks:

Young woman with medal and trophy

The Justice and Legal Thought Scholars program is celebrating the graduation of its inaugural class this month, including Hope Goodman. On May 6, Goodman was inducted into the Maryland Medallion Society, which recognizes 20 senior students who have displayed outstanding involvement and leadership in campus activities. PHOTO: Brooke Goodman

Star JLT Alumna Headed to Berkeley Law

When Hope Goodman was considering where to attend college four years ago, she was enticed by the opportunity to be in the inaugural class of Justice and Legal Thought (JLT) Scholars at the University of Maryland.

“The opportunity to take part in a brand-new program and provide constructive feedback for the classes that follow was incredibly enticing,” Goodman says, “because I knew that I could get involved on campus in a meaningful way immediately.”