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College Park Scholars emphasizes the importance of putting what we learn into practice in the world. Voting works similarly, says Executive Director Marilee Lindemann: It is a way of actualizing what students have been learning about citizenship all their lives. PHOTO: Adapted from TerpsVote graphic

3 Things to Know About Voting, From a Self-Professed Voting Nerd

The following content was first sent as a mid-semester email from College Park Scholars Executive Director Marilee Lindemann to first- and second-year Scholars students.

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While some may perceive immigration issues and climate crises as being separate events, they are in fact interlinked, says Science and Global Change Scholars Director Tom Holtz. PHOTO: NASA via Unsplash

3 Theme Questions With... Thomas Holtz

Throughout the year, our Scholars faculty and staff across programs will share their responses to three questions around our 2018–19 annual theme, "Migrations: Populations and Practices on the Move." The questions typically relate to a resource directors are using in class. Following is the second entry in our “3 Questions With…” series.

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Each year, a selection of students who recently earned their Scholars citation are honored with Outstanding Academic Achievement and Outstanding Citizenship Awards for exceptional performance in academics or contributing significant time, effort and support to the Scholars community. Citation Awards involve a nomination, review and selection process. Students who have recently earned their Scholars citations are also honored for exemplifying the founding ideals and values of College Park Scholars. PHOTO: Katie Bemb

Scholars Alumni Honored at Citation Awards

More than a thousand College Park Scholars arrived on campus in fall 2016, the largest freshman class in Scholars history. This citation class went on to make an impact across the community, including raising a record-setting $19,315 for charities in the Scholars Cup competition. On Friday, Sept. 24, College Park Scholars celebrated this class with our annual Citation Awards Ceremony.