Students looks at wall of sticky notes

Scholars' 2018–19 theme of "Migrations" mirrored the university-wide "Year of Immigration" initiative and showed students the breadth of issues related to this topic. Here, a Scholars student looks at the comments left by other students in response to a film screening of "Salam Neighbor."

8 Lessons Learned From Migrations Stories

College Park Scholars has been coordinating an annual theme for four years—starting with “Trash: The Problem of Waste in Our Lives and Our World” in the fall of 2015. The annual theme gives our students, who tend to spend most of their Scholars classroom time within their individual programs, an opportunity to interact across programs.

Sophia Burton with two other members of Migration Matters.

International Studies Scholars alum Sophia Burton (right), who began college with no plans for her major or career, opted to follow her passions... all the way to Berlin. Here, she poses with colleagues from the nonprofit she co-founded, Bernadette Klausberger (left) and Kelly Miller. PHOTO: Sophia Burton

Scholars Alum Turns Passion Into Career Path

When Sophia Burton first entered college, she had little idea what major she wanted to declare, much less what career she wanted to pursue.

“I never planned it out this way,” says Burton, who graduated from the University of Maryland (UMD) in 2007 and currently works on migration issues in Germany. “I’m not saying one shouldn’t have a plan, but for me it was never like, ‘I know I want to be an engineer or a lawyer.’”

Her lack of a plan, however, was made up for by a passion that even those with clear-cut career aspirations sometimes lack.

Robert Koulish on a panel from fall 2019

Justice and Legal Thought Scholars Director Robert Koulish (far right) spoke on immigration at three panels this spring, challenging students to consider the issue from new viewpoints. Here, he is pictured with fellow panelists from an event from fall 2018. PHOTO: Office of International Affairs

3 Theme Questions With... Robert Koulish

This year, for our 2018–19 annual theme, "Migrations: Populations and Practices on the Move," we have been asking our Scholars faculty and staff to share how they are connecting the theme to their respective programs. The first entry in this series, "3 Questions With..." was with Tim Knight, director of the Environment, Technology and Economy Scholars program.