No Stupid Questions: Harold Burgess

For Arts Director Harold Burgess, inspiration can come in many forms. From his mentors to his students, he has learned to view his love of art from many perspectives and find a spark of inspiration in everyday wonders. The lighting designer and recipient of a Master of Fine Arts in theatrical design treasures fatherhood, travel, and the arts.

We sat down with Mr. Burgess to learn more about his passions, gain some life advice, discover what he enjoys about teaching, and more.

Scholars Cup Raises $13K for Charity with SDU Win

The third annual Scholars Cup raised a record-breaking $13,194 for charity this academic year, with Science, Discovery and the Universe named the winner of the 2016 Scholars Cup.

The Scholars Cup is a community-wide fundraising competition for charity and a series of competitive events.

Lakeland STARs Celebrates 20th Anniversary

This year, College Park Scholars and the City of College Park celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Lakeland STARs program with Paint Branch Elementary School.

Lakeland STARs tutors work with first to sixth grade students from nearby Paint Branch Elementary to enrich their academic experiences. Scholars are matched one-on-one with a PBES student and meet each week on a designated day throughout the semester.

The 20th anniversary celebration on April 25 honored the legacy and the future of the program.