Amanda Hernandez with Kevin Joseph, Kim Joseph and Bernard Joseph

Amanda Hernández (second from left) is the first recipient of the Kenneth A. Joseph Memorial Endowed Scholarship, a scholarship fund established by Kevin (from left), Kimberly and Bernard Joseph in honor of their late brother Ken. Ken Joseph was a longtime associate director for the Media, Self and Society program during the 1990s. PHOTO: Lisa Helfert

College Park Scholars Awards First Ken Joseph Scholarship

College Park Scholars has awarded the inaugural Kenneth A. Joseph Memorial Endowed Scholarship, to first-year Media, Self and Society Scholars student Amanda Hernández.

“Affording college was always something that I worried about, especially when I was trying to decide where to enroll,” says Hernández. “This scholarship is not only helping me on that front but has also inspired me to do more. I’m incredibly grateful for being chosen and hope to represent College Park Scholars more in the future.”

Scholars Alum: Sean Murphy, Creator of Peer Mentors

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Sean Murphy

Alum of:

Science, Technology and Society (STS)

The group of Citation Award recipients poses on the steps of Centreville Hall.

Citation Award recipients from the Scholars Class of 2019 poses on the steps of Centreville Hall on Oct. 18, 2019. PHOTO: Lisa Helfert

Scholars Recognizes Citation, Founders Circle Award Winners

In 2017, College Park Scholars welcomed more than 800 freshmen to what would become its 24th citation class, the Scholars Class of 2019. All who successfully completed the requirements of their Scholars program received their official Scholars citation. But there were some that went above and beyond the expectations, leaving a lasting impact on the community.