Crimmigration Conference Collage

JLT Director Organizes Crimmigration Conference on Campus. Collage courtesy of Hope Goodman.

JLT Director Organizes Crimmigration Conference on Campus



Students and academic scholars examined the convergence of criminal defense and immigration law at the third annual Crimmigration Conference on Oct. 6-7.

The Crimmigration Conference is sponsored annually by the Crimmigration Control International Net of Studies (CINETS). The first two conferences were hosted in Portugal and the Netherlands; this year, Justice and Legal Thought Scholars Director Robert Koulish organized the the 18-panel conference at the University of Maryland.

Scholars Launch Food Truck

Scholars Launch Food Truck Business. Photo Courtesy of Victor Mullins

Scholars Launch Food Truck Business

Two graduates of the College Park Scholars program have channeled their entrepreneurial passions in the launch of their new food truck business.

The Q Truck officially launched Sept. 2, along with several other popular trucks from the DMV area.

Former Environment, Technology and the Economy Scholar David Engle and senior Business, Society and the Economy Scholar Chris Szeluga decided to start this new business venture soon after new legislation in Prince George’s County allowed food trucks in designated Food Truck Hubs, Engle said.

No Stupid Questions: Harold Burgess

For Arts Director Harold Burgess, inspiration can come in many forms. From his mentors to his students, he has learned to view his love of art from many perspectives and find a spark of inspiration in everyday wonders. The lighting designer and recipient of a Master of Fine Arts in theatrical design treasures fatherhood, travel, and the arts.

We sat down with Mr. Burgess to learn more about his passions, gain some life advice, discover what he enjoys about teaching, and more.