Melissa Wikoff

Life Sciences Alumna Opens Her Own Audiology Practice

Dr. Melissa Wikoff, a University of Maryland graduate who earned her Life Sciences Scholars citation in 2004, opened her own audiology practice in Marietta, Georgia.



"My experience with Life Sciences Scholars has made a huge impact on my career and who I am today, socially and educationally,” Wikoff said. “Life Sciences gave me the foundation for my love of science, anatomy, and how hearing works."

ETE Program Director Becky Archer

ETE Bids Farewell to Spirited Director



After spending six years building up the Environment, Technology and Economy Scholars program as director, Becky Archer will be moving across the Atlantic Ocean to Belgium.

"I loved every day working with students who wanted to find innovative ways to make our way of life more just and sustainable. The students pushed me to research fields that I had minimal background in, finding new and creative ways to look for opportunity,” Archer said.

Co-Curricular Scholarship Helps Scholars Study Abroad Over Winter Break

The College Park Scholars Co-Curricular Scholarship provides financial assistance to current Scholars and Scholars citation earners who benefit from support for participation in active learning related to their Scholars curriculum, including travel-study experiences, research projects, student leadership development opportunities, for-credit internships, or service-learning initiatives.