Scholars Take Action for Climate at Campus Summit

Scholars students came out in full force for the Climate Action 2016 forum and summit on campus and in DC from May 4-6. The three day-long events focused on climate change and sustainability, looking at how to turn a problem into an opportunity for change.

Eight current Scholars found their niche interning with Climate Action 2016 through the Public Leadership (PL) and Environment, Technology and Economy (ETE) programs.

Elephants and Unsung Heroes

My late mother, a high school English teacher with a can-do attitude, had a corny joke she often told to inspire students to tackle large, ambitious projects. “How do you eat an elephant?” she would ask with a raised eyebrow. She’d pause dramatically before declaring, “One bite at a time!”

Students Honor Scholars Faculty and Staff

College Park Scholars hosted the sixth annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Awards ceremony on April 29 in the Cambridge Community Center. Organized by the Student Advisory Board, this event honored five Scholars faculty and staff members.

All nominations were made by students during an open call, and awardees were selected by a committee of SAB members.

“The Juggler” Award: Jessica Krenek