Scholars Promoting and Revitalizing Care (SPARC)

SPARC plans to foster culture of care in Scholars community

This semester, College Park Scholars is launching Scholars Promoting and Revitalizing Care (SPARC), a student-led, staff-supported initiative that promotes the wellbeing of all members of our community.



The club will hold its first interest meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 8 at 8 p.m. to gauge what care means to students and how they can show care for others.

Sarahann Yeh

Yeh spent an afternoon coloring with neighborhood children, and she hung their artwork on her wall (left),  Yeh posing on beaches in Santai Dipantai (right). Courtesy of Sarahann’s Instagram

From College Park Scholar to Fulbright Scholar: Life Sciences Alumna serving in Indonesia



Life Sciences alumna Sarahann Yeh arrived in Indonesia on Aug. 23 to work with high school students at SMAN 7, a public high school on the outskirts of Bandar Lampung city.

Yeh received the Fulbright Scholarship this past spring, which funded her nine-month trip and connected her with service opportunities in Indonesia. She is also serving as a U.S. cultural ambassador, and she credits Scholars for helping her to discover her passion for cultural advocacy.

Crimmigration Conference Collage

JLT Director Organizes Crimmigration Conference on Campus. Collage courtesy of Hope Goodman.

JLT Director Organizes Crimmigration Conference on Campus



Students and academic scholars examined the convergence of criminal defense and immigration law at the third annual Crimmigration Conference on Oct. 6-7.

The Crimmigration Conference is sponsored annually by the Crimmigration Control International Net of Studies (CINETS). The first two conferences were hosted in Portugal and the Netherlands; this year, Justice and Legal Thought Scholars Director Robert Koulish organized the the 18-panel conference at the University of Maryland.