Faculty and staff clapping

While the impacts of COVID-19 are leading to anxiety and uncertainty, Scholars faculty and staff want to reassure students they are here to offer support. PHOTO: Lisa Helfert

COVID-19 Anxiety: Scholars Faculty Is Here for Students

Scholars students received the following message today from Dr. Marilee Lindemann, executive director of College Park Scholars:

Dear students,

I know the past few days have been a lot to take. You’ve undoubtedly experienced a range of emotions in a very short span of time, as rumors have spread about the campus response to the coronavirus. I’m sure you feel like you have a lot of questions and not enough answers. Maybe the only thing you know for sure now is that you feel uncertain and anxious.

Scholars Alum: Valentine's Special with Jeff Amoros and Corey Brewer

College Park Scholars Executive Director Marilee Lindemann often jokes to new students that some of them may end up meeting the love of their life in Scholars. The line usually gets an incredulous, slightly nervous laugh from students, but it’s true: Some of our Scholars students eventually go on to fall in love and marry. In this special Valentine’s edition of our alumni profiles, we offer a Q&A with one such couple.

Jeff Amoros and Corey Brewer         

Alum of:

BOTH: International Studies 

Students in plane

Life Sciences Scholars alum Kristen Wolfe (second from right, pictured on a plane during Life Sciences' short-term global learning course in Belize) decided she wanted to be a zoo keeper following a Scholars excursion to the National Zoo--one of a number of trips she remembers from her time in Scholars.

Scholars Alum: Kristen Wolfe, a Disney Animal Kingdom zookeeper

Kristen Wolfe

Alum of:

Life Sciences

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