Why Do Things Go Viral? To Make a Social Connection

It isn’t every day that a faculty panel about why things go viral kicks off with a presenter who has already become a meme, but in College Park Scholars—and for Science and Global Change Program Director Thomas Holtz, a celebrity within paleontology spheres—that’s par for the course. In late February, students from across Scholars gathered for a panel discussion, “Memes and Other Mysteries: How and Why Stuff Goes Viral.” The event was part of Scholars’ annual theme programming, “Going Viral.”

Erin McCormick sitting on the bench

Education major Erin McCormick proactively chose Science, Discovery and the Universe as her Scholars program to expose herself to new areas of learning. PHOTO: Nicole Dolinish

Education Major Embraces Science in SDU

This blog post is the first in the "Choosing Scholars" series, which examines various aspects of College Park Scholars.

When Erin McCormick was invited to College Park Scholars last year, she knew that she wanted to pick a program that would expand her world view and teach her something different.

“I wanted to expose myself to subjects I wasn’t confident in in high school,” McCormick says.