Two students standing in front of Cumberland Hall

Coming from Delaware, sophomore Ayanna Wright (at right) found that the community aspect of College Park Scholars helped make the University of Maryland feel smaller. PHOTO: Ayanna Wright

Why UMD?

Everyone’s college decision process is different. Here are some examples of Scholars students who chose the University of Maryland (UMD) for distinctly different reasons.


Mari Lemmie

Hometown: Baltimore, Md.

Year: Senior

Major: Public policy

Scholars program: Justice and Legal Thought

Headshot of Kate Starbird

A former WNBA basketball player, Kate Starbird is now an expert in crisis informatics, studying how misinformation spreads following disasters.

Hoops Star-Turned-Scholar Talks Career Paths, Connections

How, exactly, does someone go from playing professional basketball in Ibiza to researching crisis informatics at the University of Washington? According to Dr. Kate Starbird, the answer is less about a single decision, and more about the hundreds of tiny decisions that help us all find our paths.

A Scholarly Tradition Finds a New Home

College Park Scholars means two years of learning across disciplines, considering complicated problems and making connections between the classroom and the rest of the world. As a capstone to that experience, we require sophomore Scholars to identify and complete a practicum project. In 2017, a sophomore in our Environment, Technology and Economy program developed a sustainability intervention as part of an internship. A Science, Technology and Society student researched basic income and workforce automation.