College Park Scholars Updates Organizational Mark

As a follow-up to its 25th anniversary year, College Park Scholars has updated its organizational mark. The updated design ties together the sun symbol, a clipart sun swirl that has informally represented the organization throughout its quarter-century history, with a design that was used in celebration of its 25th anniversary year during 2019–2020.

The result is a modern “sunburst” that signifies:

Collage of peer mentor photos

Sophomore peer mentors offer insights on their Scholars experience and advice for freshmen.

Peer Mentors Offer Advice to Freshmen Scholars

Launched by a Scholars student who imagined ways to ease the college transition for first-year students, the Peer Mentors program has been a critical part of the Scholars experience for almost a decade. Peer mentors are sophomore Scholars who are matched with, and act as campus guides for, incoming Scholars students.