Waitlist for Invited Students

If you were invited to Scholars but did not complete the Program Preference Form by the deadline, you may request to be placed on the waitlist. College Park Scholars cannot guarantee that you will be placed into a Scholars program. Determinations will be made as space is available.

Download the Waitlist Form

Submit Waitlist Form

The Waitlist Form can be sent via email to askcpscholars@umd.edu, via fax to 301-314-9843, or in the mail to Scholars Waitlist Form, College Park Scholars, 1125 Cumberland Hall, University of Maryland, College Park MD 20742-9331.

Notification about Waitlist Decisions

We cannot guarantee that you will be notified about the decision regarding your waitlist status before May 1. We will contact you through the email address the university has on file. Please make sure this email address is up to date.

Orientation and Housing

Regardless of the status of your waitlist request, you should submit your housing application prior to the May 1 deadline and register for an Orientation program. If we are able to place you in Scholars, we will work with you and the Department of Resident Life to update your housing assignment.