Justin Cowling

Justin Cowling

Graduate Assistant; Justice and Legal Thought

Email: jmhcow3@umd.edu

Justin Cowling is a graduate assistant for Justice & Legal Thought. Cowling serves as the teaching assistant for the courses MLAW 100 and MLAW 150 and also provides administrative support to the program.

Mr. Cowling received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor Legal Studies from the University of Mississippi in 2019. Cowling is currently pursuing his Masters of Arts in Educational Policy at the University of Maryland.

Prior to joining College Park Scholars, Cowling spent his three years within the University of Mississippi instructing, advising and mentoring students in various location within the higher education arena. He also has experience in instructing on the topic of diversity and inclusion within higher education and beyond, as well as experience in how to examine and prepare for legal matters. Cowling looks forward to guiding the incoming Scholars students through their first year at UMD, and plans to prepare each student to conquer the world post their graduation.