Jordan Baer

Graduate Assistant; Public Leadership


Before arriving at the University of Maryland, Jordan graduated from Clemson University in 2014 with a B.A. in History and a minor in Philosophy. After receiving his degree, Jordan served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Uganda from 2014-2017. During his service, Jordan lived in Maracha District, Uganda, working as a Literacy Specialist where he taught basic literacy and numeracy to students and capacity building to school teachers and administrators. Alongside his teaching responsibilities, Jordan was the volunteer librarian in his district and acted as the West Nile Regional Director for the My Language Uganda Spelling Bee Organization, which held regional and national spelling competitions around Uganda in both English and local languages. After completion of his service, Jordan worked as a Supervisor and Recreation Aide at Charleston Country Parks and Recreation in Charleston, South Carolina. Currently, Jordan is pursuing his Master’s Degree in Public Policy with a concentration in International Development and International Security and Economic Policy.