Children in Za'atari Refugee Camp

Understanding migration is critical to understanding global public health, according to Global Public Health Scholars Director Elisabeth Maring, as migration inevitably impacts health. This photo was taken in Za'atari Refugee Camp, which was the subject of the film Scholars screened in November. PHOTO: From the Flickr stream of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office

3 Theme Questions With... Elisabeth Maring

Lis Maring_cropped.jpgName: Dr. Elisabeth Maring

Program: Global Public Health 

Resource: Living on One's 2015 documentary, "Salam Neighbor"



Students in canoes on Anacostia River

Environment, Technology and Economy (ETE) Scholars students participate in a field trip each year where they canoe down the Anacostia River and learn about human impacts on the wetland. In other parts of the world, human impacts have led to climate migration. PHOTO: ETE

3 Theme Questions With... Tim Knight

This is the first entry in our blog series, "Three Theme Questions with..." Throughout the year, our Scholars faculty and staff across programs will share their responses to three questions around our 2018–19 annual theme, "Migrations: Populations and Practices on the Move." The questions typically will focus on resources program directors are using for their colloquia.